Style Techniques

Hey - Roger here :-)

I hope you enjoy playing around with the techniques in this video.

Let me know how you get on with them :-)

And keep an eye on your email as I have a very exciting announcement for you
in the next day or so!

Stay tuned,



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Thank you very much Mr. Roger.. Cant wait to start practising this in the morning.

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    Terrific, and I look forward to working with you.

Thank you so much! This was a great help!

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    You’re quite welcome Heather.

Thanks so much, by you Roger, I know I am getting better at singing, I can hear myself and I sound soooo much better, because I have been listening to your lessons, I am blessed!

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    That’s so great to hear Gwennie, and thanks for letting me know.

I love your vocal teaching. It has helped me out a lot and I can really see the improvement in my voice. Thank you for your help! :)

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    You’re welcome Sean and I definitely hope you stay with it.

Roger is an exelent teacher

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    Thanks Richard!

Kia Ora Roger,
How cool is this, finding U online!!!! and even cool’a that U provide online vocal exercises’ just AWESOME
I have been singing professionally for 20years’ singing covers initially, with my long time partner Tony’ who is a multitalented musician’ and composer . But over the past 5months’ we have been recording Tony’s original compositions and of course I get to sing alot of his compositions.

I had a partial thyroidectomy ’ some 13years ago and recently found that my vocal area has been feeling alot of strain’ and other side effects ? related to my surgery, but I do believe that being able to follow your excercises may help me, so that I may continue with the recording of Tony’s original compositions and who knows, someone may like what they hear online’ and ? be in a position to consider his original recording as a ? probable /possible composition to invest in financially.

But thankyou for your vocal exercises online’ I do believe that it is also important to revert back to the basics of re-developing my vocal ability.

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    Hi Chrissy:
    I think you will be surprised as to how much you will regain with proper technique. I usually find that most singers develop certain habits that will get them into trouble over time even without having had any type of surgery.

Thanks… I am a very shy perdón and with ur help u have been opening me up and using my vocals alot more and everyone says Im starting to come out of my shell and singin like i mean it

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    That’s great news Chelsea. I think that you find over time that as you gain more confidence with your voice some of your shyness will go away as well.

How generous you are

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    Thank you so much Priyantha!

So grateful to be able to view this on my Android. Thanks for using words such as “narrow” to describe what happens during the techniques. Just having that visual makes it so much easier for me to grasp the concept presented. Thank you!

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    Thanks so much for your comments Tuharah. I was criticized a bit in the beginning of my career for using visuals.

Thanks very illuminating

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    You’re very welcome Pratibha.

Roger thanks again for sharing..I keep checking my email to see your next technique…and I enjoy them immensely. When I go back to my country I will compile and practice them more….thanks again,looking forward to ur next email.

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    You’re welcome Lenora. Just remember that all the techniques take some time to master and become natural so be patient.

Thank you for sharing all these with us

Great stuff. I look forward to more lessons from you.

Hi Roger. the new lip trill is easier to do; I was running out of steam with the other method. Cheers, Barb

Hi Roger
What do you suggest if I can’t do the rasberry blowing?.

I am so happy right now. I actually got closer to singing that high rock distortion singing in rock.

I always learn the best from you, I can’t tell you enough how much my Singing with your tips and direction has continued to get better and better. Thank You,

I rally enjoy all ur infiomation,I am a country singer and I am learning so much from ur videos, Thank you so very kindly for all your information, I just hope that this will help me to have m y own style and sound of my own, do not like to inpersonate anyone else`s voices. Thank you again for putting up this site. May God Bless you.

yesterday on my way home I was doing the vibration of the lips, before then I was feeling something in my throat so after doing it severally, the thing disappeared. I sing soprano but anytime we are singing classical song by the time we get to the chorus I will be straining my voice and I don’t like this. though my voice was not like that before. please what can I do. and am also a member of praise theme