Style Techniques

Hey - Roger here :-)

I hope you enjoy playing around with the techniques in this video.

Let me know how you get on with them :-)

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I am very impressed with these technique..I’ve never had any kind of vocal training

i realy enjoy this

it has been so amazing to gettjng my laptop ready so i can be in constant touch with you ans enrol

Moses khoza

Moses khoza


Hi Roger!
I have a question that I really need to know the answer to, how long can u sing a day at most for an 11 year old? If u can’t answer this, someone else plz reply saying the answer

Great video roger! Thank you. I liked hearing how the exercise would be applied when you sang that example phrase. Really cool.

On the right track Awesome !

How long do you recommend me to practice each excercises daily?

Thank You! Thank You! Appreciate you sooooo much….

Hi Roger!
Love your videos, they’re amazing! But I have problems with doing the first excersice u showed in this video. I can’t really get any sound at the same time as my lips are moving. Is there some way I can work this habit away?

Hello Roger, its been awhile, I enjoyed this Video very Much, I’ve read how inportant it is to have your own style, am I correct in saying these excersises are for learning to control the runs in your vocals. thanks again, I need help in a certin area, its not called Falsetto , a word close, when you use the back of your throat to reach high notes, I hope you understand. please help me. Bill

So glad to be on board roger. Really enjoying the process brother. I’m in the middle of tracking vocals on my new cd and applying the excises prior to each session. I’m also producing two CDs and using your material to prep each artist. Brilliant stuff and glad your in the world. Blessings

thank you Roger! Firstly hearfelt deepest thanks because you have risen my hope that i can sing. As you told singing can be learned. :) Before I used to get depressed because i cant sing well. I want to sing well and make my dream of singing come true. I am practising the exercises that you have introduced, hoping they will improve my voice. Thank you! from Nepal- a south asian country

You talked about it getting narower is the sound really moving through because thiers an opening rather than any relaxing closing of the parts ,Even though in my case Ihave’nt been able to have ordered ,thank you very much to having been able to be loyal in believing you can inspire with these secrete techniques.I think Ineeded to apply more and have’nt kept up.

Hello sorry to say hi Roger this video will have been going to change and I’ll make a new destiny thanks a lot

Thank you very much for this video.. my voice is breaking each time I sing and even just I talk… but when i tried this exercise.. I was able to deliver a few lines in a song without breaking my voice… thanks a lot Roger! you are so great!

hi Roger i did not know that everyone can sing, I always thought only singers are born and gifted from god. I am surprised to know that possibilities are there for a person to make his or her voice for singing and that is from you a great master. I love to see the way you teach to make our voices for singing…Thank you ..GOD BLESS YOU

Thank you your exercises are helpful I somehow missed your first two videos. Is it is is is it possible to resend them.