Style Techniques

Hey - Roger here :-)

I hope you enjoy playing around with the techniques in this video.

Let me know how you get on with them :-)

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in the next day or so!

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Thank you for sharing all these with us

Great stuff. I look forward to more lessons from you.

Hi Roger. the new lip trill is easier to do; I was running out of steam with the other method. Cheers, Barb

Hi Roger
What do you suggest if I can’t do the rasberry blowing?.

I am so happy right now. I actually got closer to singing that high rock distortion singing in rock.

I always learn the best from you, I can’t tell you enough how much my Singing with your tips and direction has continued to get better and better. Thank You,

I rally enjoy all ur infiomation,I am a country singer and I am learning so much from ur videos, Thank you so very kindly for all your information, I just hope that this will help me to have m y own style and sound of my own, do not like to inpersonate anyone else`s voices. Thank you again for putting up this site. May God Bless you.

yesterday on my way home I was doing the vibration of the lips, before then I was feeling something in my throat so after doing it severally, the thing disappeared. I sing soprano but anytime we are singing classical song by the time we get to the chorus I will be straining my voice and I don’t like this. though my voice was not like that before. please what can I do. and am also a member of praise theme

its wonderful to learn from you sir

Hellow Roger, I am singing in a church choir. I have have been following some of your tape. We are starting to recorcd our CD this week. I lead some of the song. Please advise me on the techniques I can use to make my sound softer, which foods I need to avoid and which physical exercises I need to do. Can I get you through Viber or WhatsAAp so tha I can record my so
ng for more advise. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks Flora

Thank you I so enjoy your videos they are a great relaxation technique, appreciate them,

I just love you videos.they are soooo clear and I keep practising. Thank You x

Hi Roger i really appreciate your video advice that would absolutely help to improve my voice . Only need is to find time practice regularly. Thank you so much for all free video.

Thank you so much. I’ve learnt so much from your videos. God bless you

Hi Roger, I am so glad I came across your name and I must say that it is very virtuous of you to offer up all of this advise for free and for helping all of us out. I have been singing in rock cover bands over the years but never had any formal training. Your videos are inspiring and I hope to keep the discipline of following your advice. Keep it coming and thanks for giving back. Cheers.

I loved the video and all you send out. Please keep sending them, as I placed all vocal trainings from college away in the comer of my mind. 😊

You are truly Gods Gift Of Song Extraordinaire hands down…

I am so graateful for your love for people like myself who can’t afford lessons and you give these videos. I have been singing with so much confidence since I discovered your videos on you tube!!! Love you Love your videos. God bless you Mr. burnley.

listen I love this style teaching keep up the good work !

Love your videos but I can never do that lip exercise – mine are way too small – lol! Must I do this?